Blending high-level networking events with incredible safari adventure


Who we are?

Hi! We are the core team of Nomad Convoy! On the left, Simon Kuehnert, our mega-mind of logistics and excel-sheets, on the right, Celeste Botha, our kick-ass head of adrenaline, fun and community activation, and in the center Torsten Kremser, the shiny hair of Nomad Convoy and founder of NomadXplore.


What we do?

Nomad Convoy’s adventure tour is tailored for like-minded entrepreneurs and stuffed with everything from big 5 safaris to a tree-planting festival in southern-most forest in Africa.


Why we do it?

Nomad Convoy wants to challenge fear-mongering stereotypes and show the warm and welcoming smiles and incredible beauty Africa has to offer. To make it the best adventure possible, we work with the very experienced Cape Town based tour operator Nomad Adventure Tours.





Support a charity cause

Torsten Kremser, the founder of Nomad Convoy, spent a big chunk of his twenties in Southern and Eastern Africa. In January 2015 he founded the Better Me Foundation. A completely volunteer driven charity that actively works in Kenya to provide food, shelter, education and healthcare for currently 260 children.

To support his charity and to put Africa onto the map for traveling entrepreneurs, he founded Nomad Convoy.

Your ticket includes:

+ One year school sponsorship for a Child in Kenya
+ Support for innovative grassroots charity

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