Augmented & Virtual Reality Startup Companies to Watch in 2019

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Augmented reality technology is a relatively young field that’s growing at a rapid pace. As is common with new technologies like VR, startup companies have begun cropping up with new ways to use and enjoy VR technology.

Within a span of a few years, VR technology has grown from an almost purely entertainment-oriented field to one that has real-world uses. To stay up to date with the latest innovations in the world of VR, take a look at new startup companies that are making huge strides in the industry.

Oxford VR

As a spinout company from the University of Oxford, Oxford VR’s aim is to revolutionize the use of VR in the field of mental health. Oxford VR creates innovative psychological treatments using clinically validated VR technology. Oxford VR allows patients to enter a simulated reality that helps them handle different types of situations that would otherwise be impossible with traditional treatments. Throughout each treatment, patients are guided by a licensed psychologist who ensures that treatments go as planned. This new technology completely changes the way mental health issues are diagnosed and treated.

Jaunt VR

Jaunt VR is a global startup company with offices in Chicago and Shanghai. Since its founding in 2013, Jaunt has developed new systems that allow users to immerse themselves in new content experiences. One of their most innovative creations is the XR Cast. The XR Cast gives users the full 360-degree experience by distributing video content in real time. The seamless visual projections of the XR Cast eliminates visual delays that can take users out of the VR experience.

With hundreds of 360-degree films in their catalogue, Jaunt VR has established itself as a leading force in the world of augmented reality entertainment. And with such a vast repertoire, it may only be a matter of time before the company ventures into more adult content such as virtual reality porn.

Contact CI

The world of VR is changing at breakneck speed thanks to new technology that lets each simulation feel more and more like reality. While VR started off as a primarily audiovisual experience, companies like Contact CI is changing the VR scene entirely.

Contact CI has created Maestro, a Natural Touch haptic data glove. Maestro was created for test procedures that are too dangerous to perform in reality. These gloves vibrate according to your actions during an augmented reality simulation. They also have mechanical joint and positional tracking to perfectly mimic your hand movements.

Imagine how this can completely revolutionize the world of virtual reality porn. With channels like PornHub VR growing at an exponential rate, there’s no doubt they’ll soon incorporate tech like Maestro into their collection.

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Perceptive Devices

In today’s world, it’s now possible to execute complex commands with just a smile or a flick of the wrist. Perceptive Devices’ groundbreaking formula helps to increase user productivity and safety through the use of virtual reality and motion detection. The company’s new tech is a hands-free device that allows professionals to operate their computers using only facial and body recognition software. Through a set of pre-programmed gestures and a head-mounted display, professionals can easily access instruction manuals, customer histories, and even medical records.

These startup companies started with a small idea that evolved into new technology that can change the course of history. With new ideas to turn into reality, who knows what other advancements these startups can create in the near future!